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a tokenized private club and web3 Studio

colR is

a community of people focused on advancing the way web3 can impact and fund film and entertainment ventures. We do this through our production studio arm known as House of colR and our deep relationships in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Road Map

View our current road map to see whats in progress and whats coming up down the road.

Passive Income

By holding colR Token you will soon be able to passively earn rewards every month

Tier One Community

Take part in a unique community that supports other web3 investors, founders, builders and entrepreneurs succeed

Experiential Opportunities

From being an extra in a film to joining the colR community at events with the goal to create experiences for holders and founders.

Benefits of colR

There are several benefits to joining the colR community. 

From interacting with our community on Telegram to being a passive holder just looking to earn some rewards, our community has something for everyone. Expericene colR in full spectrum today.

colR Token

The token has a rewards system that all holders will benefit from based on the amount you hold and the trading volume of the token. Each quarter holders will receive rewards directly to their wallet based on their percentage of ownership. The more token you hold, the larger percentage of the rewards you can earn – a simple passive income model.

  • Token Contract


BUY or SWAP colR with
a few simple clicks. 

The colR Founder's Pass

Purchase a Founder’s Pass to unlock various benefits and unique experiences including additional rewards of up to 50% of the net profits of our content and production studio, House of ColR. Your percentage of these rewards is determined by the number of colR tokens and number of founder passes you hold.

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  • Access to a unique entertainment story telling gaming IP
  • Art, apparel, exclusive merch & unique experiences
  • Unique access to upcoming partner film productions​
  • A network of top-tier professionals​
  • Staking rewards​
  • Composed of unique legal, professional, and technical Web3 enthusiasts that focus on solving problems for other founders
  • Access to brand, marketing, and film production consultation services
  • Special social networking opportunities across a diverse set of industries, from film and entertainment, to manufacturing and construction

Community Access: Gated community discussions, monthly mastermind sessions, collaborative Web3 think tank, weekly town hall AMA’s, local chapter meetups, worldwide phygital social network.

Drops: Allocations through the House of colR brand activations, partnerships and collabs, internally incubated and launched projects from other founders.

Experiential: Amazing IRL events & bucket list experiences.

Film Drops:
Immersive opportunities to be involved in film making experiences.

VIP Status:
Opportunities to earn increased status within the club.

The Film

Patient 10301:

This is the first film in a series of stories – together they are called P3. The goal of this film is to use funding driven by community investment instead of the traditional methods. More details about the film will continue to come out as the pre-production phase continues. In order to support the film you can buy one a Film NFT in our first of several drops.

Film NFT

This NFT titled “Floating In The City” represents the first installment in a series of 8, each featuring a shared base animation illustrating a person’s upward teleportation. This animation symbolizes our venture into decentralizing film production. The NFT presents a captivating animation and sound design that immerses you in this compact yet vibrant scene.

  • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Experiences
  • Win Concept Art And Props From The Film
  • Win Premium Film Merch Packs
  • Win & Recieve On-Screen Film Credits
  • And So Much More!

The next four in the colR NFT Film series will unlock soon.

“Teleport In Time”

“Golden Hour”

“Camera Speeding”


Get in touch.

Contact – Mail@colr.io

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