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The colR token, founders club and House of colR are the three pillars of the colR ecosystem.

Each focuses on a unique offering and they work together to allow the holder to build status and unlock utility. 

The ecosystem is set this way to create natural strength in the focus of each “side” and also because the triangle is the strongest shape in nature; our ecosystem has this strength in function and the colR triangle shows this in its form.

colR Token.

The colR token is an ERC-20 utility token that is the medium of exchange within the ecosystem.

At the basic level it acts as the lifeblood carrying value across the other sides of the colR triangle. It acts as a mechanism by which utility can be created, fractional rewards are enabled, and additional services can be employed through our partner activations.

The unique nature of ERC-20 tokens and their integration into defi mechanics allows this side of the ecosystem to introduce a unique opportunity when integrated into the greater whole. The utilities of the token are growing in ever-expanding utilization and the first, of many, of these utilities is the integration into the Digital Founders Club and the Fusion Status system.

House of colR.

House of colR is a creative storytelling studio with an aim to help brands navigate Web3.

Crafting emotional stories and building immersive experiences for brands and their audiences in the space between Web2 and Web3.

The House of colR is the marketing research and brand enterprise solutions group within our ecosystem; it acts as an agency and creates the means by which Web3 activations, consultations, and new product creations can be enacted.

Founders Pass.

The Digital Founders Club is a ‘Phyigital’ exclusive members club that touches both physical and digital worlds.

It is an exploration into the tangible utility of true access that non-fungible tokens and Web3 integrations bring to the table. The club and the founders pass that gives you access to it works as a kind of skeleton key, unlocking opportunities across a sphere of verticals only possible with access to our now shared relationship capital.

The exclusivity of the club combined with the utility of the colR token, and the brand activations of the House of colR completes the triangle creating a unique formula of value and benefits.

  • Access to a unique entertainment story telling gaming IP
  • Art, apparel, exclusive merch & unique experiences
  • Unique access to upcoming partner film productions​
  • A network of top-tier professionals​
  • Staking rewards​
  • Composed of unique legal, professional, and technical Web3 enthusiasts that focus on solving problems for other founders
  • Access to brand, marketing, and film production consultation services
  • Special social networking opportunities across a diverse set of industries, from film and entertainment, to manufacturing and construction

Community Access: Gated community discussions, monthly mastermind sessions, collaborative Web3 think tank, weekly town hall AMA’s, local chapter meetups, worldwide phygital social network.

Drops: Allocations through the House of colR brand activations, partnerships and collabs, internally incubated and launched projects from other founders.

Experiential: Amazing IRL events & bucket list experiences.

Film Drops:
Immersive opportunities to be involved in film making experiences.

VIP Status:
Opportunities to earn increased status within the club.

colR Partners.

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