is a multi-part film series that unfolds at the intersection of humanity and sentient technology, examining a dark take on how AI might impact humanity.

Inspired by Rod Serling’s, “The Twilight Zone” and leveraging the power of community participation, and the power of web3 to create immersive storytelling; we refer to p3 as Black Mirror for the blockchain.

Welcome to Harmonix Labs

Episode 1

Patient 10301: when signing up for a Covid vaccine trial make sure you read the fine print.

The Story Begins

In the kitchen of a bad Mexican chain restaurant where we meet Damian, a recent college graduate in debt up to his eyeballs and desperate for a way out of his shitty financial situation.

Next We

Damian goes back to his loft apartment which he shares with three roommates, there they laugh, bust balls and smoke weed. Later they each take it in turns to lecture Damian on the ways he could make more money, one of them tells him about a new Covid vaccine trial where he can earn $5,000 in one weekend. “It’s legit” says Anthony, “Tony Wu, the influencer was promoting it.”.

The Story Continues

With Damian entering Harmonix Labs

He completes his paper work for admittance into the study when he starts to feel uneasy about what he might be agreeing to. Is this safe? What has he done?  Just then Dr. Elisa Harmon smiles an evil knowing grin, and says into an intercom, “Patient 10301 is read to begin Phase 2”.

Meet The Cast

Meet Damian
Damian is an intelligent, likeable and lovable 21 year old college student who has grown up in the foster system and never had anything given to him in his entire life. Drowning in college debt he has worked night and day in a crummy restaurant ever since graduating, trying to keep his head above water.

Meet Jay

Don’t let his excessive pot smoking fool you, Jay is the Alan Watts of room mates. He is a deep thinker, a loyal friend with a heart full of empathy and a trust fund he’d give away if his parents would let him.

Meet Anthony

Anthony believes he is an alpha in everything he does; coming from a rich successful family, he is driven, focused and thinks has everything figured out.  
He cares for his friends but as his ex girlfriend Mari would say, he is selfish, overly confident and lacks real empathy.    
He is finishing up his MBA and already dresses for the executive position in the family business.

Meet Mari

Mari is our fourth roommate and enjoys the company of these goofy guys she has know for years. She makes her money running an Only Fans page where her subscribers are willing to pay large amounts of money to see her feet on camera.

Meet Dr. Elisa Harmon

The main doctor at Harmonix Labs, he is driven to create a perfect world where humans live as one with AI in a digital nirvana. 
Like many mad geniuses, his motives aren’t always in the best interest of the patients but rather in serving the agenda of Harmonix Labs and ultimately the AI entity that he has created and now serves.

Meet Tony Wu

Tony Wu is the web3 social media influencer that Anthony and millions of other degens look up to. He has millions of followers who like and share his every post.  His tagline is “money gives you freedom units, the more money you have the more freedom!”  

Harmonix Labs has generously paid Tony a lot of, “freedom units” to promote their study. The only thing he forgot to ask when that Bitcoin hit his wallet was, “Is it safe”? 

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