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p3 Film NFT "Floating In The City" 1 of 7 (ETH)

Refresh of colR Primary Website

colR Token Reflections Contract Development

p3 Film NFT "Hollywood" 2 of 7 (MATIC)

Increasing Marketing For p3 Film NFT's

Ongoing Fund Raising For p3 Film

Pre-Production for p3 Film

There are multiple steps in the pre-production phase. Currently, we are developing promotional content to help sell the NFTs, aiming to raise the final funds for the film. Once we have reached a sufficient level of funding, we can begin auditioning, planning, and scheduling the production days.

Add CEX Listings

Token Reflections Contract Audit

Token Reflections Live

Talent Auditions For p3 Film

Drop ETH From Founders Pass Sales to Community

Logistical Coordination For p3

Live Action Production For p3 Film

P3 Film Post-Production

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